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Our students represents the top-1% of America's college talent pool. We receive thousands of applicants and screen for exceptional promise & diversity.

“Constant mentorship”

Intern Scale immediately connected me with interview opportunities at startups that aligned with my professional interests and experience. They offered me constant advice and mentorship."

Sydney Scott
4th-year, Brown University

“Exciting internship”

Intern Scale helped me find a summer internship at a company (AirUp) I am excited to work at. I would definitely recommend them to anyone searching for a job/internship in the startup space."

Matthew Chan
4th-year, NYU

“Highly recommend”

Intern Scale helped me land the high impact experience I was looking for this summer. I highly recommend them to all college students looking for easy access to amazing, life-changing summer internships!”

Natalie Leonard
3rd-year, Davidson College

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