A Letter from the Founder: Announcing the Intern Scale Brand (formerly Terra)

Published on
Dec 7, 2021
Written by
Lawson Kuehnert
Read time
5 min

Why the rebrand?

We launched as "Terra" in 2019 just before the COVID-19 crisis began. The original mission of the business was to connect US students to global internships. We are still helping student connect with global companies, but in the past 12 months we have pivoted to a new focus: helping venture-backed startups create and manage intern programs. With this in mind, we wanted to re-brand to a name and concept that brought to mind the idea of working on internships with scaling companies. At the risk of being too simple, we found "Intern Scale" to be compelling and discovered that "internscale.com" was available. We quickly snatched up the URL and the rest is history.

Intern Scale logo and mark.

Who we are

Our team is based in New York and we are a specialized service provider that helps leading startups & growth companies build world-class intern programs. We are pioneering an "internships-as-a-service" model to help venture-backed teams build great intern programs, early. Want to get in touch? Contact us.

"We are pioneering an "internships-as-a-service" model to help venture-backed teams build great intern programs, early and affordably."

Our mission

The mission of Intern Scale is to be the leading matchmaker between top US college students and the world's most exciting startups. We believe that startups and growth companies are the best places for a student to complete an internship and develop as an early professional. Unfortunately, early stage companies often can't prioritize interns. That's why we exist.

Our values

We have six core values that drive everything we do: inclusion, transparency, ownership, teamwork, courage, and curiosity. We look for clients and partners that align with our values, and we even use these values as part of our student screening process. If you have questions, please contact us.

"We are looking for talented, creative, dedicated new hires across all our major teams."

We are hiring!

As we grow our summer 2022 intern class, we are filling a number of full-time roles across administration, growth, and sales. Please check out our careers page and let us know if you are interested via email (send resume).


Lawson Kuehnert

Founder, Intern Scale

New York, NY

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