Message from our CEO: Announcing the Intern Scale Brand & Platform

Intern Scale CEO, Lawson Kuehnert, shares thoughts on the recent rebrand, new website, and where the #1 trusted internship platform is headed next in the coming 12-18 months.

Lawson Kuehnert
September 8, 2021
Internships in Uncertain Times

As the US economy emerges from a tumultuous and uncertain 24 months of pandemic, remote work, war in Europe, and inflation, businesses small and large are asking hard questions about their investments in people and talent. Should we continue to hire or freeze new recruiting? Should we make investments in the people and culture team or cut? Should we invest in early talent? These difficult questions set the stage for how Intern Scale thinks about our product and brand.


Our Mission: Infrastructure for the Future of Talent

Students in America's colleges and universities are the future of talent. In five years, they will fill most entry-level roles in every industry, and in ten years they will be leaders in startups, growing teams and even the Fortune 500. Intern Scale was founded with the core belief that high-performing teams will always find that strong business performance requires engaging with the next generation of talent. Even in uncertain economic times. Unfortunately the infrastructure to support talent development programs like internships lags way behind what is needed.


The Intern Scale Brand & Platform

Intern Scale is based in New York and we are dedicated to providing startups, growth, and enterprise customers with easy-to-use and affordable software and services to run world-class internships. Our previous brand had focused more exclusively on our dedicated services and consulting work, but now we are a full-lifecycle platform solution for internships. This is reflected in our new circular logo. From program design & recruiting to alumni & hiring, we want to be the #1 trusted partner for internships. We are building this product on three core pillars:

1. Easy-to-use software platform for HR leaders, intern managers, and students
2. Dedicated internship support for budgeting, recruiting, managers, events, and more.
3. Curated partnerships to quickly deliver solutions we can't provide in-house


Our CEO, Lawson, grabbing coffee in NYC with two summer '22 SWE interns.


We allow any team, anywhere, to run world-class internships.


Where we are going in 2022.

Intern Scale is already working with dozens of the best companies in the United States to deliver internship solutions. Summer 2022 was our best cohort yet, and we had SWE, marketing, product, finance, and data interns working across the United States for startups, growth companies, VC platform programs, and more in both remote and onsite internships. Our net promoter score was 75 for the summer, which is exceptional.

As we look forward to fall 2022 and the upcoming summer 2023 cohorts, we are excited to expand our brand presence and reach our goal of passing the 500-client mark. We are also building out our team in New York (and remote!) and have a number of open positions that we are quietly hiring for. If you are interested, please reach out to learn more. In terms of our platform focus, we are committed to the following near-term priorities:

1. Customer-centric design for our software
2. Fast, 24/7 expert support for all clients
3. Customization & excellent UX for admins, managers and students


Hear from a customer: Katie Leimkuehler, Head of L&D, Cresset Capital - $25b AUM
“Intern Scale helped us launch our first intern program at Cresset. The team helped lift the burden of running an entire internship program on my own (team of 1 over here!) and kept the students and managers on track to a successful experience."


Wrapping This Up…

Our team is very excited for what the future holds and the role the Intern Scale platform will play in supporting new talent programs and development. We began our journey focused on internship recruiting and consulting services and that aspect of our business is not going away. But now more than there is a market need for an end-to-end solution for internships to help teams from recruiting all the way to hiring.

If you are interested in learning more, set up a call today with our team. We are here to help!

Lawson Kuehnert

Lawson is the founder and CEO of Intern Scale and lives in New York City. Previous to Intern Scale, Lawson ran a company in Washington, DC that coordinated internships for 2,000+ college students annually. Have questions for Lawson? Reach out anytime through our contact form.

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