Our numbers speak for themselves.



Our student applicant pool is 2,500 and we just launched our 2022 programs!


Raised by our partners

Our partners have raised billions in funding from leading VCs and PE firms.


Universities represented

Our applicants hail from over 300 US colleges and universities, including 90% of the top-100.

Our mission

The mission of Intern Scale is to be the leading platform for venture-backed teams to launch and operate intern programs. We believe that startups and scaling tech companies are the most exciting places to complete an internship and develop as an early professional. Unfortunately, early stage companies often can't prioritize interns. That's why we exist - to make it easy.

Our values

We have six core values that drive everything we do: inclusion, transparency, ownership, teamwork, courage, and curiosity. We look for clients and partners that align with our values, and we even use these values as part of our student screening process. If you have questions, please contact us.

Internships are notoriously hard.

“Intern programs are notoriously hard to build and manage. Having an organization such as Intern Scale is extremely invaluable.”

Wes Griffin
Senior Manager, Global HR Strategy & Technology, Sonder ($530m, Series E)

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We are a bootstrapped company based in New York City with a distributed team. We are not always hiring, but when we are, openings will be listed on our careers page and we encourage you to apply.

We look for diverse, experienced, and kind team members who value work-life balance. We do not work long hours, but we do work in a focused and organized way, as a team.

Six core values drive everything we do

While it is impossible to summarize everything we believe in six values, this is our best shot! To learn more, contact us.



We believe that a company and culture can only thrive where there is diversity of experience, background, and ideas. We expect & champion inclusive thinking.



We believe that the best companies are consistently transparent with clients, partners, employees, and providers. We expect our team to be transparent.



We believe that companies only thrive when managers and employees exhibit an ownership mentality. We expect our team to treat their work like it matters.



We believe that companies are, at their core, teams of people that work together toward a common vision. This vision can only be achieved through teamwork.



We believe that every member of our team deserves a voice and we expect our people to be courageous in sharing their views, even if there is disagreement.



We believe that companies die when their teams become complacent and stop approaching work with curiosity. We expect our team to keep learning.