We help 3rd-years intern at leading startups.

  • Software, marketing, sales, etc

  • 10+ week summer internships

  • 2-min online application

Trusted by 100s of startups, VCs, & growth companies, from pre-seed to series F

Work at a VC-backed startup

Your 3rd-year summer internship sets you up for job options after you graduate. Working at a leading tech startup on real, challenging projects is the best way to position yourself for great full-time offers.

Get paid

All our internships are paid internships, with typical pay ranging from $15/hr to $25/hr. We have remote and onsite internships, and if you need to relocate to a new city we can help you figure that out.

Get a full-time offer

Most of our startups are open to making full-time offers to interns that demonstrate their value during the internship. Set yourself up for a full-time job at a fast-growing company post-graduation.

What type of internships?

Software & data science

Many of our summer internships are in software engineering & data science roles. We look for students with a solid background in languages like Python, Java, Javascript, C, and more.

Marketing, design, UX

Marketing, design, and growth internships are very common in our startup portfolio as well. We look for students with a strong interest in marketing careers.

Sales & BD

Many of the fastest growing startups are looking for sharp, fast-learning sales interns. We look for students who are resilient, quick learners, and good communicators.

Finance, ops, & more

We have fewer finance, operations, and other internships, but if this is your area of interest, please apply! We look for detail-oriented students with good quantitative skills.

Our online application takes 2 minutes.

SaaS, fintech, & more

Our partner startups are working on next-generation products in SaaS, Fintech, and more. Get early experience in an industry that is growing and scaling.


Many of our startups are building AI and ML enabled products. AI will change the world over the coming decades. Get early experience in rapidly scaling industry.

Blockchain & Web3

Beyond bitcoin and ethereum, there are a host of blockchain-enabled technologies and products that are getting VC funding. Get work experience in this exciting industry.

What Intern Scale employers say

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“I highly recommend Intern Scale.”

Polywork is a venture-backed tech startup in NYC, and we have very high standards for recruiting and hiring. Intern Scalewas able to quickly introduce three summer intern candidates from top schools and we hired two of them. I highly recommend Intern Scale to any fast-growing startup who is looking for amazing interns.

Meg Lyons
Growth Lead at Polywork, $17m Series A, a16z

“Definitely worth considering!”

Intern Scale was easy to work with and quickly identified several excellent intern candidates for our growing team in Austin. It was significantly easier to hire an intern through Intern Scale than recruit ourselves. Definitely worth considering!

Eric Johnson
CEO, Membersy, $104m raised

We help students at every stage of their journey.

Most of our applicants are 3rd or 4th-year students, but learn how we help students who are earlier or later in their education journey.

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About Intern Scale

Intern Scale was founded during COVID-19 in New York City. We are pioneering "internships-as-a-service," helping seed to Series F startups launch competitive, well-run internship programs, fast. Students around the United States have told us the intern application process is broken, and that finding internships with startups is extremely difficult. Startups tell us they don't offer internships because of the hassle involved. We set out to solve both problems at once.

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