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“We really enjoyed working with Intern Scale.”

We really enjoyed working with the team at Intern Scale. They were very responsive and did a great job of sending over very qualified candidates that were a good match for our internships at SoundCloud. I would recommend using Intern Scale to find qualified interns.

Daniel Snider
Sr. Recruitment Mgr, SoundCloud, $170m, series F

“I highly recommend Intern Scale.”

Polywork is a venture-backed tech startup in NYC, and we have very high standards for recruiting and hiring. Intern Scalewas able to quickly introduce three summer intern candidates from top schools and we hired two of them. I highly recommend Intern Scale to any fast-growing startup who is looking for amazing interns.

Meg Lyons
Growth Lead at Polywork, $17m Series A, a16z

“Easier than doing it ourselves!”

Intern Scale was easy to work with and quickly identified several excellent intern candidates for our growing team in Austin. It was significantly easier to hire an intern through Intern Scale than recruit ourselves. Definitely worth considering!

Eric Johnson
CEO, Membersy, $104m raised

“Highly recommend to high-growth startups” is reinventing car ownership by making mobility fun and sustainable and has raised over $35m in venture funding in less than 2 years. Intern Scale served as a great partner in finding an exceptional intern to help with our US market expansion. Intern Scale was easy to work with and I highly recommend them to other high-growth international startups.

Roberto Kern
Operations,, $597m raised

Intern programs are the most cost-effective way to hire top talent.

We know our teams are looking for interns who can become full-time hires. Our students represents the top-1% of America's college talent pool. We receive thousands of applicants and screen for exceptional promise & diversity.

“Constant mentorship”

Intern Scale immediately connected me with interview opportunities at startups that aligned with my professional interests and experience. They offered me constant advice and mentorship."

Sydney Scott
4th-year, Brown University

“Exciting internship”

Intern Scale helped me find a summer internship at a company (AirUp) I am excited to work at. I would definitely recommend them to anyone searching for a job/internship in the startup space."

Matthew Chan
4th-year, NYU

“Highly recommend”

Intern Scale helped me land the high impact experience I was looking for this summer. I highly recommend them to all college students looking for easy access to amazing, life-changing summer internships!”

Natalie Leonard
3rd-year, Davidson College

Types of interns:

Software engineering

Many of our top candidates for internships represent leading technical talent from top-100 American universities.

Marketing, GTM & growth

Whether you need help managing  social media or building content for SEO, we help teams find top marketing and growth interns.

Sales & business development

Building a pipeline of entry-level sales talent is critical for most scaling teams. We help you prepare for future sales hires.

Data, ops, analysts, & finance

If you need interns in other areas of your company, from data to finance to customer service, we are happy to help.

We work with remote, hybrid, and onsite teams.

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The Intern Scale platform is used by remote, hybrid, or onsite teams. The platform is designed to integrate with your company regardless of location or team structure. Events are virtual and can be accessed anywhere.

Intern Scale is especially useful for remote teams. Creating a highly effective intern program while remote is challenging. We help ensure your program is engaging and fun. More than 50% of our clients are fully remote as of 2022.

Compete with Fortune 500 for the best early talent.

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It is very difficult for a startup company to effectively compete with brands like Apple and Google for top early talent. Intern Scale is in some ways like a lobbying arm on college campuses for startups and growth companies.

We also value and champion diversity in our student intern pool. DEI initiatives are a core part of our offering, and we work closely with our teams to ensure each intern cohort meets diversity goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How does your pricing work?

Our pricing is based on how large your intern program is (number of interns). We have pricing options for startups through enterprise. Schedule a demo to learn more!


How does the student application process work?

We have a general student application where any student from any school can apply to get an internship with an Intern Scale partner. After the student applies, our in-house team reviews their application/resume. We match finalists with our partners.


How is Intern Scale different from Handshake?

Handshake is a recruiting marketplace. Intern Scale is a full-service partner that helps fast-growing teams build, recruit and manage their intern programs, from launch to scale.


Do you work with companies based outside the US?

Yes, we work with a number of European and Latin American startups between seed & series F. We primarily help global teams that are growing into the US market. We can assist with compliance, contracts, payment, and visa questions.


Do you recruit MBAs or only undergraduate students?

We primarily focus on top students in their 3rd and 4th year of undergraduate study at US universities. However, we also have a growing pipeline of MBA talent as well. If you are looking for MBA interns, contact us.

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